PSD for Pride and Prejudice
Adjust the Curves, Selective Colour and Colour Balance layers. This PSD contains two colourings - one for light and one for dark scenes.

download link


Someone asked if I would share my Game of Thrones colouring, so here you go! It’s very simple and doesn’t contain vibrance or saturation and I use it on all my Game of Thrones gifs by tweaking the bottom curves layer, selective colour and colour balance.

PSD for Rise of the Guardians by colouringshit

This PSD brightens and adds colour to the scenes. It’s basically the PSD I use for all Dreamworks and Pixar animated movies, so you can probably use it for other things too!

download here

PSD for The Mindy Project → download

PSD for American Horror Story: Coven

Vibrant and colourful psd - adjust levels, colour balance and selective colour to suit each scene. Enjoy!

download here (◡‿◡✿)

PSD for Pacific Rim by colouringshit

Contains 3 PSD groups - one for yellow scenes, one for blue/night scenes, and one for normally coloured scenes - mainly to brighten them and add a bit of colour. Enjoy!

download here

PSD for New Girl

Simple PSD to brighten the scenes and add a bit of colour!


PSD for emilia clarke videos 

should work for most videos but change the opacity of the curves layer depending on the brightness of the video :)

download here